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Sector of activity


Movement of independents grouped together under a single, predominantly food retail banner

Project background


The brand has a product repository that manages national references. The multiplicity of both national and local applications has led to the emergence of local reference systems that are out of sync with the national reference system. As a result :


  • The Omnichannel approach is very complex to implement.
  • Data quality and completeness are poorly assured.
  • Offer process performance is weak.


The aim of redesigning reference data management is to correct these problems, and to energize and harmonize the processes that depend on it.


As the company wanted to streamline and innovate its reference data management, it was necessary to look at the data life cycle, information representation, and reference data acquisition and publication processes.

Our approach 


  • Shared strategic objectives.
  • Interviews to express existing and future needs (processes, organizations, tools).
  • Brainstorming workshops to develop a disruptive vision of reference data management.
  • Development of a target urban planning and architecture scheme for the future MDM.
  • Development of a macro Project Management Plan, with economic weighing (ROI, Capex, Opex).

Our results


The framework was drawn up in 4 months. It sets out a truly innovative target for reference data management, as well as a budgetary perspective for its implementation and operation.

Validation of the results by the company's management led to the launch of a project to overhaul the MDM platform for the entire company.

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