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By Retail, we mean first and foremost the sale of products to private individuals, whether in supermarkets or specialist outlets.
However, there are many retail sectors whose customers are both private individuals and professionals, or whose professional customers are very small businesses with private purchasing habits: catering, construction, health & beauty, automotive, agriculture and viticulture, etc.
The performance of sales to professionals is also the daily business of suppliers, importers and wholesalers working with retail chains B2C.

Whether you are a retailer B2B, a supplier to retailers B2C or an intermediary, our experts will support you in your transformation projects, your search for operational and economic performance and your operations across your entire retail value chain (Purchasing & Sourcing, Marketing & Communication, Logistics, Sales omnichannel....), integrating the specificities of sales B2B :


  • Purchase volumes and recurrence
  • Sales and production forecasts
  • Pricing policy and contractualization
  • Sales strategy and organization
  • Supply and distribution schemes
  • WIP management and invoicing

They trust us

They trust us

Our referents

Laurent Puskarczyk


Laurent has over 20 years' experience in an international context, having worked in many sectors and on a variety of subjects, including strategy and operational support. expertise His experience as a product, supply and procurement manager, as well as a project manager, has given him an in-depth and specific knowledge of BtoB and BtoC. Laurent is responsible for the firm's Procurement, Green Supply Chain and CSR offerings.

Jérôme Woznica


With a technical background and nearly 10 years' experience with a software publisher, Jérôme rounds out his career with 15 years' experience in the consulting sector, notably with Univers Retail.
Jérôme has worked on a wide range of projects for our customers BtoB, from in-house projects (building the product range, implementing reference systems and catalogs, etc.) to projects linked to the organization of distributor networks.

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Need an expert?