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The successive confinements linked to the health crisis have prompted the French to look after their interiors and exteriors. The spread of telecommuting has accentuated the need for greenery. We then witnessed an urban exodus.
DIY and garden center chains saw their footfall explode once the 1st confinement was lifted. This trend continued into 2021, until this sector, like food, was hit by inflation in 2022.
From 2023 onwards, rising prices will be compounded by drought concerns and a strong interest in going green.
With our in-depth knowledge of retail, we have the operational experience to meet the new challenges facing DIY and garden center chains.

In the face of this rapid growth and decline, we can support you in the following areas:


  • Inventory reduction
  • Supply optimization
  • Mastering the range
  • Grand Import negotiations
  • Challenge your logistics
  • IT projects (changes ERP, software upgrades, benchmark, recommendation of appropriate solutions)

They trust us

They trust us

Our referents

Fabien Robakowski


With over 23 years' experience, Fabien has worked in a wide range of retail sectors, on subjects ranging from strategy to operational support for teams, helping to set up and optimize team processes. This diversity has enabled him to acquire real versatility, working on omnichannel integration, new technologies and agility. Fabien is in charge of the firm's Customer Experience Omnichannel, Agile/Lean Digital Transformation and e-commerce offerings.

Claire Jagodzinski


For 20 years, Claire devoted her professional career to managing projects for major retailers such as Monoprix, Logista France and Fnac. For the past 7 years, she has been working as a consultant for specialist retailers such as Truffaut. Her assignments cover highly operational subjects, such as interim management as procurement manager, PMO on the version upgrade of a central tool, or project manager for the introduction of flex office.

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Need an expert?