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The current economic context and new consumer expectations are having a major impact on the food retailing model.
Declining in-store traffic, strong e-commerce penetration, price competition, rising fulfillment costs, pressure on operating margins... these are just some of the challenges thatUnivers Retail can help you meet.
Thanks to our expertise, we can offer you support tailored to your challenges and objectives. 

We work with you to improve your organizations and move them towards a balance between Supply and Customer Experience:


  • Harmonize product data
  • Developing sales activities
  • Activate loyalty levers
  • Control data, for performance indicators adapted to Omicanality
  • Expand services by focusing on the optimal customer experience, both in-store and online, and implement Phygital.
  • Take into account all CSR aspects: traceability, packaging, transport, second life, etc.
  • Reinforce the efficiency of the Supply Chain, to make it OmniSupply, in order to meet consumer requirements: availability, lead times, returns, transparency...

They trust us

They trust us

Our referents

Fetheddine Kezouit


A pure retail product, Fetheddine began his career in 1994 as a food discount store manager at Carrefour. He subsequently worked as a store manager for several chains, including TATI.
He chose to join the IT Department because of his curiosity and interest in technical subjects. He was project manager for the opening of the PDV, then PDV domain manager for agora distribution, a subsidiary of the Eram group. Since joining Univers Retail, in 2016, he has completed several assignments at Leclerc and Intermarché.

Magali Levere


After 15 years' experience in retail as a buyer, product manager, group manager and collection manager, Magali has acquired a strong expertise in these so-called operational professions.
Magali provides pragmatic and effective support to Offer/Purchase/Supply departments, helping them to develop and improve their performance, particularly through their transformation and change management programs.
As CSR ambassador within the firm and leader of a skill center Data, Magali can also include these preferred subjects in her approach.

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Need an expert?