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Barometer of major brands perceived as responsible 2020

This study, carried out in partnership with LSA*, looks at how the French view responsible brands. Their understanding, but also their requirements and expectations for the future. Several profiles emerge within the population, but the tone is rather unanimous, whatever the socio-demographic category. The phenomenon is widespread throughout France.


Spontaneous evocations also recall the predominant link between Responsible Branding and the agri-food sector, cited in first place after ready-to-wear, beauty and luxury.

We'll take a look at how brands are evaluated, and what criteria the French use to judge them. Brand actions are clearly scrutinized in a society where transparency is no longer an option.

To buy is to commit, and committed consumers will gravitate towards brands that embody their values. Finally, it's a question of recognizing theimpact on the purchasing decision.


Discover the results of this survey in our 4-part infographic:

*Survey carried out on a sample of 5,000 respondents. You can find the full results on LSA.