Our actions are aligned around the 3 pillars of Corporate and Environmental Responsibility:


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Culinary workshop with the Sawa association

Our employees Sarah & Léa initiated this project with the Sawa association. The association's aim is to facilitate the socio-cultural and professional inclusion of new arrivals, while promoting exchanges and encounters. Our employees took part in a world cuisine course led by refugee chefs.

Here's a look back at the workshop, with testimonials from participants and Anthony Mahieux, head of the association > watch the video on our You Tube channel.

Move UR Team Challenge

Univers Retail wanted to enter into a long-term partnership with an association while involving all its employees. So, on the initiative of one of our employees, we launched the Move UR Team challenge. Our employees, divided into 6 teams, walked, ran or cycled 5,959 km over 30 days, with the result being a donation of €2,000 to Restos du Cœur.
Read more about this challenge in our article.

Salary maintenance commitment

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Univers Retail has been committed to realigning 100% of net salary for its employees on short-time working, in the interests of fairness and to ensure that their purchasing power is maintained. We believe that our employees should not have to suffer the financial consequences of this epidemic.

Mobilizing our staff during the lockdown

Our employees were mobilized during the lockdown by making 50 masks for the town of Sceaux and 48 for the Courbevoie town hall. Participating in the "Vos Gâteaux" operation by baking pastries for the nursing staff.

Operation Ticket Restaurant

Thanks to Catherine 's initiative and the solidarity of our employees, who gave up all or part of their luncheon vouchers for the month of April 2020, €2,328.48 (corresponding to the full employer's share saved) was donated to the French Red Cross.



Every year in November, men all over the world are invited to grow a moustache to raise awareness and funds for research into men's diseases.

Thanks to Elodie, some of our employees formed a team and let themselves grow a moustache. The team challenged each other and raised €260, including a contribution from Univers Retail which doubled the pot.


Pink October

In 2021, Univers Retail launched a solidarity sports challenge for its employees to mark Pink October. They rose to the challenge by working out together for more than 28 hours, against a target of 15 hours. Thanks to their motivation, Univers Retail donated €500 to the Gustave Roussy center, which fights cancer in Europe.


In 2020, to support breast cancer research, our employees took part in the Odysséa race by running 10km. The 2019 edition brought together 36,000 runners on the 5 and 10 kilometer courses, raising €635,000 for the Institut Gustave Roussy.


Be Walk

Univers Retail has taken part in the Be Walk challenge for 2 consecutive years. For all participants, in teams of 4, the aim is to take as many steps as possible throughout the challenge. Proceeds from the challenge are donated to the association Les Etoiles du sport solidaires.


Bilan GES 2022_Univers Retail

Bilan Carbone 2022

Univers Retail has carried out its first GHG assessment for its activities in France and Canada. The results of this first carbon footprint are positive: in 2022, our GHG emissions will be 4.1 t eq CO2 per employee, well below those of our sector. Thanks to this assessment, which details our emissions item by item, we'll be able to prioritize our actions more easily in the months ahead.

sustainable development week

European Week for Sustainable Development - 2021 Edition

To mark European Sustainable Development Week, our employees took part in "Zero Waste" events in partnership with La Fabrique Des Castors. The aim of these 3 team-building events was to promote sustainable development and raise awareness among our employees! To find out more, read our article.

Charter for eco-responsible messaging

Univers Retail is committed to an eco-responsible approach aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our internal messaging. This charter aims to help our employees adopt the right reflexes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycling our PCs

Every year, Univers Retail sends its ageing PCs to Senegal, to the village of Ballandine in the rural community of Suelle in Casamance. After reconfiguration and repair, these PCs are passed on to the " KASSOUMAI 78 " association, which takes care of their transport. The equipment is then given a second life in schools, dispensaries and hospitals in Casamance.

Purchasing supplies from sheltered workshops

Univers Retail buys its office supplies (stationery, printer ink cartridges, folders, etc.) from sheltered workshops that promote the integration of disabled people into working life. This action allows us to act concretely in favor of the employment of disabled people.


Partner of the Great Cause "How to improve living conditions in your area?"

Univers Retail has chosen to partner an innovative program, the "Grande Cause des Territoires" initiated by Make.org. Territories represent a major democratic challenge, and have been seen as a priority by the French for many years. The aim of this "Grande Cause" is to bring together all the players in the field and institutional players, in particular to involve citizens in making the issue a priority for society.

The consultation runs from February 01 to March 28 on the Make.org website.

To find out more, read our article.

National consultation "How to act together for a more responsible fashion?"

This consultation initiated by Paris Good Fashion took place online from September 03 to October 25, 2020 on Make.org. The principle is to allow each citizen to submit proposals that will be voted on and then implemented.

Univers Retail supported the participation of our consultant Sarah Carbel, who submitted a dozen proposals that garnered no less than 2,361 votes and 422 favorites!

Read our consultant's analysis of the votes and the top 4 proposals.

Sponsorship of the Responsible Brands Barometer

In partnership with LSA, we have carried out a study into how the French view responsible brands . A responsible brand is one that is committed on all fronts: environmental, economic and social.

Our association with this study is an obvious choice at a time when consumers are becoming ever more demanding in terms of the transparency of the products they buy. Brands need to take these aspects into account if they are to survive. This evolution in brand behavior is the result of an awareness that we share within our firm, and which is fully in line with the CSR approach we have undertaken.

Discover the results of the barometer in an infographic.

mecenat competence

Skills sponsorship

Since the containment, our Univers Retail experts have been working on a voluntary basis to help small businesses. They make their skills available so that certain companies can benefit from a few hours of advice, with the aim of providing tailored, formalized solutions to their problems around the following themes: Supply Chain, Marketing, E-commerce, Transformation.

Read testimonials from : My Own Kreation, Delalande Voyages, La Fondation de l'Armée du Salut, 900M