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Co-construction of the OmniSupply Journey target - Delivery Experience over a European perimeter including the Marketplace

Sector of activity


French furniture and home decoration retailer

Project background 


In an omnichannel context, with 23% of sales made on the Web, customer delivery is a major challenge for increasing sales. Today's customers are not satisfied with the delivery and service experience offered by the retailer.

The Delivery Experience, steered by the Supply Chain, in collaboration with the Business, defines the different delivery methods and their implementation, which is not or poorly adapted to customer expectations. Against this backdrop, the retailer wishes to redefine its BtoC target Delivery Experience (Europe perimeter including Marketplace) by repositioning it from a Customer Centric point of view.

Levers used : 


  • Study of customer expectations in the Furniture & Decoration market
  • Elaboration of a competitive benchmark European Delivery Experience
  • Analysis and diagnosis of existing delivery experience
  • Organization of interviews and workshops with business departments
  • Recommendations and co-construction of the Omnichannel Journey target

Our approach


The aim of the project is to co-construct the target Omnichannel Journey B2C Delivery Experience, and to prioritize the work to be carried out for its deployment using a Business Case approach.

To answer these questions, we have :

  • Develop a study to position the brand's Delivery Experience in relation to customer expectations and the competition.
  • Determine the service experience to be implemented in the B2C Omnichannel Journey to meet customer expectations.
  • Co-construct the target and develop the trajectory and associated roadmap by building Business Case to prioritize projects

Our results  
  •  Development of a study on the brand's Delivery Experience positioning in terms of customer expectations and analysis of the competition.
  • Referencing the projects to be addressed for the Omnichannel Journey B2C Delivery Experience in a strategic roadmap
  • Co-construction of the Omnichannel Journey target B2C Delivery Experience with associated Business Case and recommendations on the change to be made from a Process/Organization/Tools point of view.

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