How can "fast fashion" be more "slow fashion"?

In today's retail environmentslow fashionoffers a more sustainable, conscious and ethical approach to fashion. La "slow fashion" places great importance the following points: environmental environmental sustainability, product quality, responsible consumption and the promotion of creativity. It also promotes conscious consumption, sustainable production practices, ethical working conditions, quality and sustainability..

How can "fast fashion" be more "slow fashion"? 

Fast fashion", characterized by the rapid, low-cost production of garments in response to current trends, is often associated with environmental and social problems. However, there is a growing trend towards a slower, more sustainable approach in the fashion industry.

What's more, fast fashion can adopt the principles of slow fashion with a focus on responsible production, sustainability, transparency, ethics, responsible consumption and consumer education. By integrating these elements, fast fashion can evolve towards a slower, more sustainable approach, helping to alleviate the problems associated with the fashion industry.

To encourage sustainable practices, fast fashion can adopt practices relating to product recycling and reuse. This can include used-clothing collection programs, the promotion of garment repair and transformation, and the design of durable, timeless products that reduce pressure on natural resources.

Slow fashion" encourages responsible consumption, focusing on quality rather than quantity. It can promote this idea by offering better quality clothes, designed to last, rather than just following ephemeral trends. This encourages customers to to invest in long-lasting pieces and to adopt a more thoughtful approach approach to fashion.

In conclusion, slow fashion often focuses on consumer education and raising awareness of fashion industry issues. Fast fashion can follow this path by providing information on production practices, environmental and social issues, and encouraging customers to make informed decisions when buying clothes.

PROMOD has taken steps to integrate sustainable practices into its business model. The brand offers more sustainable collections, uses eco-friendly materials and supports initiatives such as clothing recycling. The brand offers clothes made from natural, recycled and eco-responsible materials. This allows customers to feel good about buying from PROMOD, knowing that they are contributing to more responsible practices.


PROMOD's pre-order service: an essential model for slow fashion 

On closer inspection, PROMOD offers more than just a collection. It's all about community, commitment and pro-activity. The brand also offers several references for pre-order. Customers can choose a style, color, size and detail (e.g., print or stitching). The final product is customized to her taste.

Customer satisfaction: pre-ordering allows customers to reserve in advance specific items that are not yet available in store. This guarantees that they will get the products they want, avoiding the frustrations of out-of-stock or limited availability. Customers will feel satisfied in the knowledge that they will have access to the coveted items as soon as they arrive in store.

How can the "pre-order" service help a fast-fashion brand? 

  1. Personalized shopping experience: Pre-ordering gives customers the opportunity to select the items that best suit their tastes and needs. They can choose their preferred size, color, or even pre-order items from special or limited collections. This creates a personalized shopping experience and strengthens the bond between brand and customer.
  2. Anticipation and exclusivity: Pre-ordering creates a sense of anticipation and exclusivity for customers. They have early access to new collections or the most sought-after items, which can generate excitement and the desire to be among the first to own these products. This exclusivity can also encourage customers to remain loyal to the brand and return for future pre-orders.
  3. Efficient inventory management: Pre-ordering enables better inventory management by anticipating customer demand. By collecting pre-orders, the brand can adjust its production to the quantities required, reducing the risk of overstocking or stock-outs. This contributes to more efficient resource management and improved customer satisfaction.
  4. Adapting to new consumer habits: Consumer habits are changing, and customers are looking for options that match their lifestyles and preferences. Pre-ordering responds to this demand by offering customers flexibility of timing and greater anticipation of their purchases. It also reflects the growing trend towards more thoughtful, intentional consumption.
  5. Communication and customer engagement: Pre-orders enable greater interaction with customers. By collecting pre-orders, the brand can gather valuable information on customer preferences and expectations, making it easier to personalize offers and improve services. It also strengthens the relationship between the brand and its customers, fostering long-term commitment and loyalty.

How can PROMOD add value to its service through its physical outlets? 

To promote the pre-order service in its stores, PROMOD can adopt the following strategies:

  1. In-store signage: PROMOD can put up attractive signs and posters in its stores to inform customers about the possibility of pre-ordering items. These displays can highlight the advantages of pre-ordering, such as the guarantee of obtaining the desired items and the exclusivity of new collections. (Interactive display)
  2. Stagingitems: PROMOD can highlight items available for pre-order in its display windows or in dedicated areas of the store. This will draw customers' attention to these special items and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.
  3. Communication with sales personnel: PROMOD sales staff must be trained and informed about the pre-order service so they can answer customers' questions and guide them through the pre-order process. They can also highlight the advantages of this option, such as the possibility of obtaining specific sizes or popular items that could sell out quickly.
  4. Invest in retail media: PROMOD can use a variety of promotional media to inform customers about the pre-order service. This can include promotional videos shown in-store or on the brand's social media channels.
  5. Marketing campaigns: PROMOD may launch targeted marketing campaigns to promote the pre-order service. This can include sending e-mails to its customer base, collaborating with influencers or bloggers, and broadcasting various "lives" on social networks.
  6. Exclusive benefits: PROMOD can offer exclusive benefits to customers who pre-order items, such as special discounts, gifts or additional promotional offers. This will encourage customers to use the pre-order service and to tell their friends and family about it.

PROMOD's pre-order service offers numerous advantages for both customers and the brand itself. It offers a personalized shopping experience, enhances customer satisfaction, creates anticipation and exclusivity, facilitates inventory management, adapts to new consumer habits and promotes customer engagement. These elements contribute to the overall improvement of the shopping experience and the consolidation of the relationship between PROMOD and its customers.

By Ghalia Boustani