At Univers Retail, we like to keep a close eye on innovation. In this series of articles, each week we'll take a look at a major retail company and its strategy for collaborating with start-ups in a spirit of open innovation.

What are the challenges facing Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette is a symbol of French fashion the world over. Today, the group must integrate thedigital in-storeexperience to remain a benchmark in the market. To attract new customers and build loyalty, Les Galeries Lafayette relies on omnichannel customer knowledge and digital in-store experiences, supported by strong logistics performance that gets the right product to the right place, and above all, quickly. To meet all these challenges and encourage innovation, the group relies on its partnership with the Californian start-up gas pedal "Plug and Play".

What are the areas of innovation addressed by the start-ups in the 6th Plug & Play class?

sales force


> Untienots
Solution that seeks to redefine loyalty and promotions with 1to1 offers

> AfterData
Customer data analysis to predict online and in-store purchasing behavior

> ParcelLab
Optimizing post-purchase communications for a seamless shopping experience


> Aifi
Self-checkout module enabling customers to pay for items without going through the checkout.

> BlackSheep
Enables restaurant customers to order and pay for food directly on their smartphone

> Clothparency
Evaluates clothing on social and environmental criteria to promote more responsible purchasing


> Flowlity
Based on retailers' data, this solution automatically reorganizes stocks to reduce out-of-stocks.

> Nomagic
AI-driven robot handling technology for automated warehouse sorting

> Nextail
Inventory automation platform for purchasing and distribution decisions

How do we work together?

The gas pedal Lafayette Plug & Play was born in 2016 from the partnership between Galeries Lafayette and the Californian gas pedal "Plug and Play Tech Center". It has become a benchmark in Europe for retail and digital transformation. Since the first class, 60 contracts and pilots have already been signed between start-ups and major retail companies. By collaborating with the network of investors and experts, start-ups can benefit from the gas pedal free of charge for 3 months. Partners such as Carrefour, Lagardère, Lacoste and Camaïeu, who are looking for innovative solutions, are then put in touch with the start-ups to launch new collaborations. This gas pedal is therefore a source of innovation not only for Galeries Lafayette, but also for all its partners in France and abroad.